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4 Great Apps For Boaters

Apps might not seem like they would be very useful for boaters but those crafty developers out there have cooked up some very useful tools for us boaters.

Here are our 4 favorite apps for boaters:

NOAA Radar

There’s nothing worse than getting out on the water only to get caught up in a storm. They can be dangerous and even life threatening. In order to limit your risk you should check the app before heading out and during your trip to see if any activity is in the area. The radar is incredibly accurate and the resolution is top notch.


If you are planning on hitting the water in your sailboat Windfinder is a great tool to have on deck. It helps you find the general wind direction across the globe and in specific areas. This will help you plan your trip and if you are still in a service area while out at sea or on a lake, you can use it to catch the wind.

Animated Knots

This is a great teaching tool for those with a beginner knot tying skill set and even a great tool for those who are looking to try new knots. These are great little videos that go frame by frame and step by step to clearly show how to tie different knots with ease. So instead of tying an improper knot that could lead to a dangerous situation be sure to get this app.

This app allows you to view marinas in your area and communicate with the marina to book a slip or reserve other services. While the app is still new there are a ton of marinas already listed so if you are in a pinch and need to dock in a populated area there is a good chance that there will be something in the app’s database that will fit the bill.

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