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Boating Spring Checklist

Before you launch your boat this spring, make sure to check your boat for any wear or tear that might have happened in winter storage. The harsh winter conditions could have damaged your boat or you might have unwanted pests or rodents who took up residence over the winter. The last thing you want to happen it find out there is a problem with your boat once you are already in the winter. So plan ahead with this spring boat checklist:

Check for Damage

Start by checking for any leaks or cracks on the inside and outside of your boat. Clean out in the inside of your boat and check for pest or rodent damage.

Fluid Levels

Start by changing out your boat’s engine and out-drive oil. You should also replace the oil filter to make sure everything is ready to go. Check the power steering, power trim reservoir, and refill the coolant fluids too.


If you took out your battery before storing your boat, check to make sure it it still has a charge before putting it back into your boat. You might need to replace it since it has been sitting idling over the winter months. Also check out your boat electric connections and wires for corrosion.

Belts and Cables

Belts, cables, and hoses can become brittle and crack in cold weather. Be sure to check everything fits properly and haven’t warped in storage.

Gas Tank

Lastly dump your gas tank and inspect the tank and fuel lines for cracks. Replace the fuel filter and fill it up with gas. Make sure to not use gas that is more than 10% ethanol as it will damage your engine.

Now that you’ve gotten your boat ready, it’s time to get out on the water and start enjoying the great spring weather. Don’t forget to check all your boating safety gear like life jackets, flashlights, flares, and first aid kit any damage so you can stay safe out on the water!

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