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How to Launch Your Boat From a Launch Ramp


This article will try and discuss the best way to successfully launch your boat from a launch ramp imagining there is at least one dock.

Firstly, you will need to prepare you to boat as much as you can while still out on the dry. Preparing your boat before launching it and while it is still in the trailer means that you will have to check and prepare your:

  • Safety gear
  • Mooring lines
  • Fenders
  • The engine
  • Fuel

Try making a routine to check all the stuff every time and while it is on dry land. Avoid checking your boat during the dock time. It might annoy other people on the dock and it doesn’t provide enough time to be fully concentrated while doing these things. Think of your safety first. Make sure you do things the right way.

If you are not about to go all by yourself, you should speak to other people about what the trip will look like and what you expect them to do. Please note that it is highly advisable not to let children play or to be unattended at a boat launch ramp.

At the launch site make sure that you:

  • Unplug the trailer towing light assembly
  • Put the drain plug in the boat
  • Undo the hold down straps
  • Back the trailer down the ramp

Launching the boat

Firstly, lower the lower unit and turn on the bilge blower. You’ll want to do this so that you can remove any gasoline fumes that could be in the bilge.

After this, make sure that there are no people near your boat’s engine. Also, make sure that there are no boats in your way right before you put yours in reverse.

You’ll want to pay attention to waves and winds. This is very important as this may drive you on a collision course with another boat or any other obstacle such as an another dock.

Try to always make sure that the engine is in the water and then just turn it over. When running, undo the winch hook from the bow eye and release the boat out of the trailer. This might depend on how big and heavy your boat is. If possible, just push it. This can be applied to smaller boats.

Make sure that the boat is secured to the dock. Tie the lines to cleats on the dock. Fenders might help to prevent any hull scratches.

Boat ramps are sometimes slippery because they are in contact with algae and moss and this is why you should be careful when gently pulling the vehicle out. You can prevent algae and moss build up by applying a product like Wet & Forget to your dock. 

Do not turn the steering wheel of your boat opposite from the dock.

Make sure that you pushed it away some decent distance from the boat dock before driving away.

If you are going on a boat, no matter if it is your own boat for relaxation or any other occasion, make sure that you carry a floating keychain with you. It might save your day if you accidentally drop your keys in the water!

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