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How to Winterize Your Boat Or Sailboat

Winter is just around the corner. It’s time to start getting your boat ready for winter so you can enjoy it again in the spring. Make sure your boat survives the winter season in perfect condition with these steps:

Step 1:  Deep Clean Everything

Thoroughly clean your boat inside and out. Remove the drain plug and raise the bow of your boat higher than the stern. This will make sure all the water drains out and won’t get stuck in the stern which could potentially crack the hull in cold weather.

Remove everything from your boat to prevent any items from getting ruined. It’s also a good idea to put a few moth balls around your boats to help ward off bugs and pests.

Be sure to remove the batteries and charge them every month. Clean out the terminals with baking soda and water then apply grease once they’ve dried.

Step 2: Prepare your outboard boat motor

Prevent moisture build up by filling all gas tanks and add a fuel stabilizer. Inspect all connectors, bulbs, and hoses for damage and repair if needed. Replace the fuel filter.

Flush the engine with the motor flusher. Attach a motor flusher to a hose and place it on the lower unit water intake vents. Turn on the motor and run idle for about 15 minutes. Spray a fogging agent on the carburetors until you can see smoke from the exhaust and the motor kills. Spin the flywheel manual a few times to even distribute the oil. Spray a anti-corrosion spray all of the engine. Drain the oil from the lower unit. Pump new oil into the lower screw hole until it comes out the upper screw hole. Be sure to replace the top screw hole first.

Remove propellor and inspect it for damage. Spray lube on the shaft before replacing.

Step 3: Cover your boat

Cover your boat with a properly fitted boat cover then cover with poly sheets. Tie with rope and bungee cords to prevent wind, rain, or snow from getting in.

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