(2 Pair) Bearing Buddy 2441 Bearing Protectors With Bras

Prevents Bearing Failure
Eliminates bearing Repacking

Boat Trailers Trailering, even a brief distance, heats the hubs. While the wheels are submerged all through launching, the hubs cool and the air throughout the unprotected hubs contracts, forming a vacuum which attracts in water during the rear seals. There is not any such factor as a rotating seal that stays highest. Water and grit therefore drawn into the hubs relentlessly destroy bearings. While correctly put in and maintained, Bearing Good friend® prevents wheel bearing failure and Removes bearing repacking. Boat trailer wheels can also be totally submerged. Utility Apparatus, ATV, Horse, Tenting, and different occasional use trailers These trailers, as a result of they aren’t used continuously, also are matter to bearing corrosion and failure from condensation moisture from air sucked into hot hubs as they cool. Moisture stays within the hubs inflicting rust and pitting till they’re reheated While the trailer is used once more.
Prevents Bearing Failure
Removes bearing Repacking


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